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In an era of technological advancements and global connectivity, it is crucial for individuals to possess skills that foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and data security. This proposal outlines a holistic training program that aims to equip the residents of Ebonyi State, southeast and beyond with practical skills in entrepreneurship, data science, and cyber security, enabling them to harness new opportunities and navigate the digital world with confidence. This training will be in cohorts for better engagement and productive output. It is on this premise that I write to introduce to you our school, Ebonyi Business School and present to you a partnership that would help us address some of the issues and knowledge gap.

Our History

Ebonyi Business School is poised to set the benchmark for integrating big data and analytics into the broader spectrum of business, commerce and financial education. A home to renowned Centre for Actuarial and Financial Big Data Analytics. It is the first and only Business School in Ebonyi State and will offer courses in Actuarial Science. We also offer a major in Big Data as part of all our programmes.

This institution educates on leadership, business administration and/or management. We also call it a School of Management or School of Business Administration.
Our focus on this crucial discipline is driven by the fact that the gathering and analysis of data represents the future of the corporate environment and, consequently, the corporate career marketplace. Over the next 5 years, about 75 per cent of companies in Nigeria are planning to increase their investment in data analytics and the number of data science professionals is expected to grow by 10.6 per cent every year between now and 2024. But, as many businesses have found, it is not enough to gather information and crunch numbers.

Like in every business school, our students will study such topics as economics, administration, strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship. They will also study marketing, public relations, leadership, and accounting. Our business as a school is to teach people how to manage a business. However, some CEOs of major corporations never went to business school. In fact, some of them do not even have a degree; Ebonyi Business School will serve as a springboard for so many business owners, managers to acquire knowledge that will help them reposition and restrategize their company stands in hard economic situations like the ones we experience inAfrican.

The true advantage lies in knowing how to apply that knowledge to real-life scenarios in a way that will impact behaviour and improve business decision-making. This ‘evidence-based’ decision making is a key pillar of Ebonyi Business School’s programmes.. This is designed to prepare students for a future where big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence will be fully integrated into the business environment. It also underpins our MBA program which has been designed so students can tailor it to their individual career interests. Our MBA program can be completed full-time or on a part-time schedule, utilizing intensive `bootcamps’ to accelerate learning, develop professional connections, and minimize time away from work and family. We avail solutions on how to take academic theories and apply them to realworld problems. We craft students into astute decision makers and professionals who can readily navigate uncertainty, risk, and change.

Above all, Ebonyi Business School is differentiated by its dynamic study environment where small group classes are taught in boardrooms, meeting rooms and an ICT Hub where you’ll have access to live-streamed financial market data. In the Transformer space, you can work on your own business start-up or passion project, mentored by academics and industry leaders. And you’ll have access to the Business Commons – a new student lounge area designed for the use of Ebonyi Business School students. There is a buzz, an energy, an air of innovation and excitement that permeates the Ebonyi Business School environment. I look forward to seeing how that will change and evolve as our prospective students bring their hopes and dreams and aspirations to the mix. This, is ‘a tradition for excellence’.


Application: demonstrate one can apply functional and foundational concepts to think critically and solve business problems.
Functional Knowledge: Subject matter knowledge of accounting, organizational behavior, organizational management, financial management, marketing, information systems, Business ethics and etiquettes, human resource management, international business, economics and business strategy.
Interface With Society: demonstrate an understanding of how economic, legal and regulatory, political, social, technical, environmental, and competitive forces (local, regional, global) affect business and it’s growth.


Issue spotting and opportunity recognition: identify options of turning problems into business or personal opportunities.
Creativity: generate unique solutions to problems or ways to respond to opportunities.


Ethical Decision Making: recognize ethical issues, apply ethical frameworks to analyze them, then choose and defend a solution.
Reflective Thinking: demonstrate consideration of a belief, form of knowledge, action, or experience, evaluate it, and develop insight toward future action.
Initiative: seek opportunities for active involvement in curricular areas. Taking others' perspectives: demonstrate an understanding of another person's point of view.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Nweli Ifeanyichukwu Hilary

Resident Faculty

– PhD, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, London Bridge Business School
– MSc, Petroleum Environ. Tech. Management, South American University Delaware, USA

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